Nessebar is one of Europe’s oldest towns famous for its ancient monuments and for its beautiful mediaeval and renaissance architecture. The town is situated on a tiny rocky peninsula at the north end of Bourgas Bay.
The town has been an archaelogical and architectural reserve since 1956. In 1983, the Nessebar monuments of culture were included in UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List. The old Nessebar has a surface of about twenty-five hectares and is connected with the mainland, where the new part of the town has sprung up, by a narrow isthmus about three hundred metres long.
The beach line, which is situated in the new part of the town, is about four kilometres long. The temperature of the air during the summer season is about 30?C, and that of the water – about 25?C. The beach line of the complex is eight kilometres long.
A long list can be made of the various forms of entertainment offered by the Black Sea resort: wind-surfing, water skiing, tennis, horse-riding, bowling, open-air and indoor swimming-pools.